Friday, September 25, 2009

En route

Hey crew -

I just left Nairobi, Kenya. Stayed at "The Heron Hotel Limited" - really nice with wireless. Ironically, the hotel replaced their water heater this week, so I'm already transitioned to cold showers in preparation for Yei. :-)

Flights have been smooth. Watched too many movies and slept the rest of the time. The new school microscope has made it all in one piece so far!

The weather in Nairobi was about 65 degrees and beeeeauuutiffffulllll. Now I’m in Entebbe, Uganda at our favorite lodge – Frank’s Place. I’ve been reunited with my pink, green & blue rain boots, which have been stashed away at Frank's Place since the last rainy season. Since my luggage was so overweight when I was checking in, I sacrificed the new black & white floral boots. Sigh.

Oh! ....One of the best parts of the week? ....Going to a wedding celebration of a Sudanese woman who just became the 4th wife of a Sudanese man. Traditional dancing, food, and the men & women attending the event separated into different rooms. About 60 people in attendance. I spent about 4 hours with Sudanese women in the kitchen and tucked away out of site from the menfolk. Many were relatives of my friend & fellow traveler, Jimmy, so I learned a lot of "family news." Surprisingly (hardly) they said to me, "You are so social!"

Oh! ….A nice greeting was sent from the Universe....saw a shooting star in the sky the other night.

I'm well and hope everyone else is too. Can’t wait to be reunited with Diane and our students.

From the road,


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