Monday, September 21, 2009

Come to Sudan with NESEI

Sunscreen. Check.
Passport. Check.
Duct tape, flashlight, and mud boots. Check.
NESEI friends and family. Check and check.

Via this blog, I’m taking you with me to Sudan. You will travel safely inside my rugged little laptop. You will appear in front of me each time I log on. And you will get 12 weeks in East Africa with the NESEI Sudan family and me. Your ticket cost much less – you simply sign up for the blog and “tra-la” – you are there. Free admission! And no shots from the health department!

This is my 7th trip to South Sudan. It has yet to grow old. I am as excited this time as I have been each time previously. I go in anticipation of seeing how “our girls” have matured; of re-discovering the joy of African life with beating drums, goats bleating, and hut-living. And we go together to experience the achievements of our students. I wonder which students have improved reading skills? What artwork has Rahama completed recently? What has Musoke helped the girls plant and harvest in the school garden? Will my favorite “banana lady” and favorite “chipati man” still be serving customers on the roadside?

Come on along. Pour a cup of coffee. Click on the blog. Sit back. Enjoy the ride. I can guarantee we are in for an adventure.

From the road,



  1. Wonderful idea! I posted a link on Facebook for you...

  2. LOVE this idea since I wanted to go with you. Can't wait to hear again. Much love, Suzanne and Bud

  3. Do the girls know about the fact that they will be getting MORE sewing machines and computers? Are they excited? What are their ideas about how these new tools will help them? Suzanne