Thursday, February 25, 2010


Three is a nice number.

If the old adage, “third time’s a charm,” is true, then "Three" apparently leads a charmed life. Toddlers graduate from the so-called “terrible two’s” to enter the land of Three. In some religious circles, Three is symbolic of triple deities, such as the Holy Trinity. Greg Mortenson has raised the consciousness of humanity about the importance of education by writing the best-seller, “Three Cups of Tea.” A musical chord would be lost without the Three notes of a triad. At the Olympics, Three is celebrated with colors – gold, silver and bronze.

What does NESEI know about Three? We know that our inaugural class of scholars in Yei, Sudan has started their third year of school! Our summer break has concluded (December/January) and we are back to a routine of advanced reading, writing, and arithmetic. We have entered year Three of providing secondary education for girls. Leading up to a final fourth year, our Sudanese school system labels the classes as Secondary One, Secondary Two, and Secondary Three.

Our NESEI girls are over halfway to a high school graduation day.

Get ready Four. We are coming for you.


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