Wednesday, November 4, 2009

7 Days in the Life of NESEI

Pic Above: Jimmy & the NESEI Team with the Governor of Western Bahr el Ghazal.
Pic Below: Colin fixing the Hilux on Yei - Juba Road.

Random Fun Facts

1 visit to a primary school built by a former NBA player
1 meal shared with a Prince
2 meetings with state governors
2 hours spent trying to download photos to accompany this blog - only to read "attachment failed"
2 monkey sightings on the road
5 modes of transportation - footing, boda boda, land cruisers, 7 ton lorry, and planes
5 hours in the car between Juba and Yei composing this list and singing show tunes & tv show jingles ("Here's the story....of a lovely lady....")
6 secondary school visits in two states
7 tents for accommodations
12 gazillion herds of cows & bulls
15 NGO partner visits
18 government meetings
20 VIP sightings - (Ventilated Improved Pit-latrines)
168 cups of coffee consumed
300 cows and 30 bulls offered as a marriage proposal

1 comment:

  1. that is very good of you and your the other guys you work with to accomplish and help these sudanese children,i hope you have been ok as i am here although my contract is ending this month hoping they give more time to work with them.since the year is coming to and end we thank God 4 so many things he has done 4 us,will you come to NAIROBI we have fun b4 going home?lemmie know bye bye