Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From the Office of NESEI Yei

I have never felt better about NESEI in Sudan than I do now. So many fantastic opportunities and people coming together.

My apologies for slow communication. Our internet and generators are still out at CTC - though they may be fixed soon. Today I'm using UMCOR'S internet and power.

Yesterday was lovely! I spent the afternoon at the school with the girls. The microscope is a hit. However, it requires power, and there is no power at Yei Girls. So, I brought it back home with me and will try to charge it (somewhere). I read the American letters and our girls are preparing responses. I read aloud while they were sewing sanitary pads. On Saturday, the about a dozen girls came to the house to sew pads. There is nothing better than the sound of the girls filling up the house with talk and laughter. They also sang "Happy Birthday" to Colin!

The S4 girls went to Kampala last week for exams. During term 2, no one was admitted overnight to the hospital! We are happy about that. The well still needs attention at Yei Girls. Flowers are blooming on campus. And, veggies are growing in the garden.

I have pictures!....of the momma & papa rabbits and the babies!!!! Will try to get those sent. They are adorable! And!....more babies are expected next week! We are raising rabbits at Yei Girls! Today, a hutch is being built so they don't become dog-food. (literally).

Health Net / TPO is taking good care of our girls on an "as needed" basis. Liberty FM deserves a million thanks for hosting the radio debates. All the students are crammed into an itty bitty studio where the temperature is more than a thousand degrees, but the Liberty folks are generous with their time and attention for us.

The impact NESEI has in the community is far-reaching. It is not uncommon for us to receive requests from young women who desire sponsorship from NESEI. One such letter was handed to me this past weekend. Here is the text:

To the Office of NESEI Yei:
Dear Madam Anita, With honour and respect to your office I submit my application to your office for the following reasons. I am Sudanese by nationality aged 17 years old in Senior One. The reasons why I apply is because I don't have someone to support me in my education. I am an orphan and am staying with my grandparents. But they have no power of supporting me in education, but my uncle in our clan told me that I should be married by an old man. I refused. I came to Yei Girls and I am the one who paid my school fees. I use to be a house girl. But I have interest to continue with my eduation. I will be very grateful if you put my application into your consideration. Thanks.

You can help us respond positively to young girls like this. Please give to the Girls Rising scholarship campaign. This girl could join the other NESEI-sponsored students in receiving a quality education to help improve her future.

Would like to write more, but UMCOR staff is leaving and I need to go too. Will try to be in touch from Juba.

Thanks all for your support!

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